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Cao (oil painting)

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/ an excellent work has been published at one day /

The spring and the autumn passed; the hot summer cold winter, ten years like one day, the builders originality. Finally once known.


Author: Cao Yong ??Year: 1998
Received the Leadership Award from the International Leadership Foundation

Cao Yong, who caused great sensation in the United States for his creation of freedom. Not only did more than 10 congressmen send letters of thanks to Cao Yong, but he was also invited to the White House by then President George W. Bush.His extraordinary experience and artistic achievements are regarded as examples of American spirit. Your work is marvelous and shocking that goes beyond everything!--President George W. Bush

Congressman Gary Miller issued a certificate of merit for "we the people".

In 2005, Cao received an invitation from the Constitutional Foundation to paint the cover of the Constitution of the United States. This limited print is collected in the Independent Memorial House of the United States.


On November 13, 2014, painter Cao Yong won the "Achievement Award for Green Environmental Protection Promotion" at the Cleantech Open Treasure Island Academy Awards Ceremony in the United States.

Liang Jia He

Cao Yong's new "Liang Jia River" held a grand press conference in Losangeles. His oil paintings reproduce the warm and happy scenes when Xi Jinping returned to Liangjiahe. In his works, General Secretary Xi loved the people, the vivid characters of Liangjiahe villagers infected everyone present.

Art appreciation

After Shower

“This street near my home is part of the old town of Pasadena. I often stroll down the sidewalk enjoying the everyday charm of bustling people, passing cars, and noisy bars. But the time of the day that I appreciate most on this street, is captured in this painting: the moment when the dust of a busy day has just been washed away by a gentle shower, when afternoon has said its good-byes, and evening offers a familiar greeting.”

My Balcony

"The setting sun burnished the most prominent architecture of San Francisco, leaving the city beneath basking under its warm glow. As I worked to capture the astonishing beauty of this moment on canvas from my balcony, I knew there would always be, such a balcony in my heart upon which I could always indulge in this resplendent view."

Red Umbrella

"My memory always unfolds from one specific moment, such as this scene, so typical of the resplendent Venice life. At a quaint corner, lush ivy leaves share a piece of gossip, wavelets ripple with the news, and a glance of innocence fascinates one’s youthful dreams. In my heart, Venice is a never-ending film made of frames of such enchanting intimacy."

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